Brunel Academies Trust


The Brunel Autism Support and Inclusion Service - known as BASIS – is proudly part of the Brunel Academies Trust in Swindon.

We offer a wide range of services and specialist staff to meet the needs of children and young people with additional needs - primarily including those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), along with Social Communication and Interaction Disorders (SCID).

BASIS support schools, professionals, parents and families, as well as working directly with children and young people.

Currently our BASIS offer includes:

  • All Aboard Nursery
  • ARC (Autistic Resource Centre)
  • Links
  • Links Bespoke
  • Swindon Autism Support Service
  • Specialist Outreach
  • BASIS Training & Consultancy

All Aboard Nursery 

All Aboard Nursery is an Ofsted registered specialist nursery setting for 3 and 4 year olds who may have a diagnosis of Autism and/or SCID/other SEND. The staff ratio is higher than some nurseries with specialist support in developing communication. CYP will often attend another setting as well. 


ARC offers an enhanced education programme of social communication and therapeutic learning activities for CYP aged 4 to 19 and is largely delivered away from the CYP’s school. ARC’s main core aim is to support schools in their endeavour to design and implement effective learning provision for an individual diagnosed with ASC and/or SCID. ARC also offer outreach to mainstream schools. ARC is based at the Headlands Grove site. The ARC programme offers a range of different sessions throughout the week and is a traded service.


Links is an Unregistered Alternative Provision provides a bespoke curriculum for sixteen CYP of secondary age (Key Stage 3, 4 or 5). The group are be based in Unit 17 at Headlands Grove. Links has been designed to support CYP who have a SEND profile often including Autism/SCID. Links is a specialist environment with a personalised curriculum but with a further bespoke element. The curriculum is designed to cater for the different individuals placed with us, taking into consideration their individual profile of need. This can be a full-time offer.


Our bespoke packages are part of the Links service and involve developing a bespoke programme of support for an individual CYP. It may include working independently in the home, out and about,  at BASIS or at any Swindon school/setting, as required to meet the needs of the individual CYP. This can be a full-time offer.

Swindon Autism Support Service

Swindon Autism Support Service, commissioned by Swindon Borough Council,  provides advice and support for schools through a referral system. Advisory Teachers and the School Response Team work with schools and offer:

  • Telephone advice pre-referral
  • Attend EYs drop ins to support the EYs workforce
  • Support information gathering/observation following a referral of an individual CYP over 3 years old - providing a view/snapshot
  • Produce reports for setting advice, graduated response, TACs and Annual Reviews, EHCP contributions as well as advice for referrals to NDC – Neurodevelopmental Pathway and signposting to other agencies.

Specialist Outreach

Specialist Outreach referrals are co-ordinated with the Local Authority.  The focus is for CYP who are low-level communicators/ non-verbal who may need specialist advice and support in their mainstream settings. Strategies and advice will be given. Many of these CYP may go on to attend a specialist setting.

BASIS Training and Consultancy

BASIS Training and Consultancy offers a range of training packages for schools and organisations across Swindon.  The training offered can be tailor-made to individual requirements.  Consultancy is traded to any settings to support with their individual approach to SEND.

 We welcome discussions about the services that we offer – please get in touch and we can discuss how BASIS can work with you to support your individual needs and requirements.