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Curriculum Intent

Links Curriculum Intent

The Links Curriculum follows the National Curriculum where appropriate, although content is adapted to meet our Young People’s learning needs and difficulties, enabling them to achieve good educational attainment on par with their mainstream peers. It is our belief that all Young People must receive a good education, regardless of their circumstances or the settings in which they find themselves.

The aim is to provide our Young People with a small team of consistent adults and a truly personalised curriculum offer. The work set and the strategies used to support them is specifically tailored to their needs, through highly differentiated, small-steps and flexible teaching and learning.

Our KS3 curriculum follows a Primary style model where all YP study a wide range of subjects, particularly in core curriculum subjects including English, Maths and Science (including IT) integrated for the needs of the individual or group. Our curriculum has been broadened in order to continue to promote Life Skills and Employability as well as allowing greater and more varied levels of personalisation and differentiation to take place.

Additionally, the young people will have specific sessions dedicated to a more therapeutic curriculum to ensure that personal, social and academic needs of each Young People are properly identified and met in order to help them to overcome any barriers to attainment. Individual approaches with Children and Young People will focus on improving pupil motivation and self-confidence, attendance and engagement with their education.

Health and Fitness is also promoted through clubs, competitions and cross curricular links such as Cookery and Horse Riding. Social Emotional Mental Health & Well-being and British Values (Democracy, The rules of law, Individual liberty and Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs) is supported and promoted through a strong pastoral system of care, daily reflection and therapeutic interventions.

Staff will focus on teaching that encompass a range of the following:

  • Social skills
  • Self-awareness skills
  • Developing and maintaining friendships/relationships with others
  • Life skills
  • Coping skills and strategies
  • Self-regulation/emotional awareness
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Managing difficult moments
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Links with the community

Young People learning is assessed using various tools throughout their time at Links.

Each Young People will have clearly defined objectives, including the next steps following the placement such as reintegration into mainstream education, further education, training or employment.