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ARC Sessions

ARC Sessions - Key Stages 1 - 4

ARC sessions offer a programme of social communication and therapeutic learning that give children and young people the skills for learning. This includes key functional skills, communication skills, thinking skills, personal and interpersonal skills. Delivered by experienced ARC workers held at the Headlands Grove site.

An ARC session is offered as a complete package including children and young people being collected by experienced ARC staff,  activity at ARC and then return to school/home (although some parents/staff may choose to transport children themselves).

Who is ARC for?

ARC is for between the ages of 4 and 19. Your children and young people may have difficulty around Social Communication and Interaction Difficulties (SCID). They may or may not have a diagnosis of Autism.

We can support in the following areas:

  • Management of anxiety
  • Overwhelmed in a busy environment
  • Support with transition/support for re-integration
  • Struggling with social situations
  • Support for an EHCP outcome
  • Specialist support of early communication skills
  • Emotional literacy support
  • Support with social and communication skills
  • Support following a visual timetable
  • Accepting routines

ARC Sessions

  • Following the assessment of need, an ARC worker will develop support strategies and resources appropriate to the individual.
  • Leaise with school staff to ensure a collaborative consistent support is in place.
  • Monitor the progress of the CYP and plan strategies and advise next steps.
  • Support schools with strategies and advice when needed.
  • Be available for visits from the CYP’s school and other professionals.

If you interested in booking ARC sessions then please complete the
ARC Information Pack and referral form

ARC Information and Referral Pack

Please follow the link to view the ARC Information and Referral Pack