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ARC Outreach

ARC Outreach Key Stages 1-4

ARC Outreach is a personalised package of support delivered to an individual in school, designed to give the individual skills for learning including, communication skills, thinking skills, personal and interpersonal skills. ARC Outreach is delivered by a specialised ARC Worker. ARC Staff will model strategies and approaches that can be adopted by the individual’s TA and other staff to support the children and young people gaining the relevant experience in the setting.

What ARC Outreach includes:

  • ARC Outreach packages are designed to support children and young people in a school setting.

  • These children and young people may require an individualised programme to aid them to access the curriculum successfully.

  • ARC staff will support TA’s and other school staff to model, deliver and support the children and young people with the individualised program.

  • ARC Outreach Packages can support the children and young people  with the skills for learning. This may include; communication skills, thinking skills, organisational skills, self-awareness, personal and interpersonal skills.

ARC Outreach

  • Following the assessment of need, an ARC worker will develop support strategies and resources appropriate to the individual.
  • Support school staff to model strategies and demonstrate appropriate use of specialised resources for individuals with ASC and other related SCID. This may include the use of visuals and other alternative methods of communication.
  • To demonstrate and model specific social communication skills to individuals and staff to provide support with accessing the school environment.
  • Support staff implementing pupil specific advice and recommendations from the ASC Service and other professionals
  • Monitor the progress of the TA implementing the strategies and advise next steps.
  • Support staff with the ability to source appropriate resources.

If you interested in booking ARC Outreach then please complete the ARC Information Pack.

ARC Information and Referral Pack

ARC Information and Referral Pack

Contact details:

Kelly Hill
ARC Services Manager
Emma Blackburn
BASIS Business Manager