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ARC Group Outreach

ARC Group Outreach for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

Group Outreach is a tailored programme of support that is delivered to a group of children and young people who may have a diagnosis or need support with their social skills. The sessions are designed to support the children and young people with their communication skills, thinking skills, social engagement, social tolerance and to support them with learning coping strategies to enable them to manage better in a school setting. The programme is delivered in school by a specialist ARC worker and with a member of the school staff joining the group for the 1-hour session. It is good practice to work alongside school staff who already know the children and young people to deliver the most effective and relevant support.

What Group Outreach includes

  • An initial meeting with the SENDCo to gather information to plan a programme based around the needs of the children and young people who will be attending. The maximum number of children and young people attending a group is 6.
  • A planned 10-week programme of weekly group sessions.
  • At the beginning of the programme the children and young people will complete a questionnaire, and this will be completed again at the end of the programme. The results will be collated and used to report progress and raise anything that still needs support. The views of the children and young peoplewill also be included in the end of programme report.
  • The sessions will include speaking and listening activities, activities around a relevant topic, a group game and time for self-reflection and discussion.

Things to consider when planning ARC Group Outreach

  • For the best outcomes the group would need to be made up of different personalities who would benefit from working with others in a small group setting.
  • The school will need to get permission for the children and young people to attend from their parent/ carer/ guardian.
  • Allocated use of the same school room to provide a safe, predictable environment for the children and young people.
  • The same member of staff to attend the group so they can develop trusting relationships with the children and young people and develop their own skills and expertise. They would also be expected to support with the school’s expectations of behaviour, register the children and young people and report any absences.
  • The programme is 12 weeks. Week 1 would be meeting with the SENDCo, the planned programme would be delivered over 10 weeks. Week 12 would then be used to collate the questionnaire answers and write group reports. Evidence has shown that a 10-week programme achieves good outcomes as it can take several weeks for a children and young people to trust the adults, get to know the other children and young people and feel more confident to join in and participate during the sessions.

If you interested in booking ARC Group Outreach, then please complete the ARC Information Pack and referral form

ARC Information and Referral Pack

Please follow the link to view the ARC Information and Referral Pack