Brunel Academies Trust

ARC After School Groups

ARC After School Group is held at ARC Headlands Grove site, there are two separate groups:

ARC Sparkle Group KS2, 3pm – 5pm Every Tuesday during term time. 

3ARC Liberty Group KS3, 4pm – 6pm Every Wednesday during term time.

ARC after school group delivers a programme of support that is delivered to a group of children and young people who may have a diagnosis or need support with their social skills. The sessions are designed to support the children and young people with their communication skills, thinking skills, social engagement, social tolerance and to support them with learning coping strategies.

These sessions are planned and run by experienced ARC support workers. The sessions will include speaking and listening activities, activities around a relevant topic, a group game and time for self-reflection and discussion with snack provided. These activities promote social interaction such as turn taking, sharing resources and supporting each other. We model different approaches to support children and young people to be able explore and express their emotions and learn to empathise with their peers. This in turn gives them valuable practice in building and sustaining appropriate relationships.

Costs for ARC Afterschool Group may be shared between Aiming High / Short Breaks or other sponsor and Parents/Carers.

If you interested in booking ARC Afterschool Group, then please complete the ARC Information Pack and referral form

ARC Information and Referral Pack

Please follow the link to view the ARC Information and Referral Pack